Wana Mama

Wana Mama LLC is a private holistic Occupational Therapy practice owned and operated by Janelle Kloske, Occupational Therapist. Janelle offers abdominal therapy, body and energy healing services, sexual health guidance and support, and education for all. Janelle is passionate about providing a safe, clean, therapeutic environment for healing, restorationm self empowerment and building a community of kindness, inclusion and open dialogue about not only the challenges that women face but society as a whole; particularly regarding abdominal health, sexual health, pain and stress resiliance.

Wana Mama was created originally with a mission to help women process, heal, and find community associated with pregnancy, fertility challenges, pregnancy loss, pelvic pain, pelvic and abdominal health conditions, healing after child-birth, and post-partum issues. Because these experiences that Janelle was personally going through, she saw a gap in care and support and felt the need to be a resource for those who are struggling through similar experiences. Since Janelle launched Wana Mama in 2019, so much has happened that has generated growth and adaptation. Although the original vision is still true, Wana Mama is not just for women and mothers. It has evolved and expanded to offer services that are more inclusive and offered to ALL who seek them. Regardless of gender, sexual orientation, sexual identity, religion, or socioeconomic status.


Who is Janelle?

Janelle was raised in Holland, Michigan. Since completing her Master’s degree in Occupational Therapy from Eastern Michigan University in 2006, She has lived all over the country and traveled the world with her husband and life partner, Alex. In early 2019, Janelle and her family relocated back to Holland and found the timing to be perfect to pursue this exciting venture. Janelle is a proud Mama to two beautiful and energetic little boys. She enjoys tending to her city farm, hiking, paddle boarding, plunging into Lake Michigan, and yard parties!


Healing Therapies Explained

What is sexual health and wellness?

Sexual health is a major area of function that is a grossly under addressed aspect of humanity; and it is one that so many people struggle with. You may have a concern about your sexual health and have no idea how to address it or how to bring it up to your healthcare provider. You may also wonder if the provider will respond in a supportive way. This fear is common and well-founded – sex is often treated as a taboo subject, but it doesn’t have to be that way. It’s Janelle’s mission to create a safe, inclusive and empowering space for dialog and support around sexual health.

Sex is an ADL or Activity of Daily Living and a very important one! It brings joy and pleasure to our lives. It can give us a sense of self. It can relieve stress. It bonds us with others and it is the pathway for reproduction. It can also be very confusing and become a source of emotional and physical pain. Sexual expression and sexual activity are a part of who we are as humans. Janelle is an expert at approaching a person holistically then breaking down barriers to identify where a problem may be coming from. Janelle provides treatment, education, and support to help you achieve your unique personal goals.

You may encounter obstacles effecting sexual health while recovering from a physical injury or illness or perhaps adapting to a permanent life changing event. Additionally, depression, anxiety, stress, pain, sexual violence or trauma and hormonal changes may be factors that affect sexual activity. Perhaps you are having difficulty maintaining intimacy, healthy communication and connection with your partner. Some folks want to explore themselves as an individual sexual being. Janelle provides open, non-judgmental dialogue and compassionate support to all who seek it, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, sexual identity, religion, or socioeconomic status.

Note: There may be occasions when an outside referral will be necessary. Janelle has an ethical and moral obligation to stay within the Occupational Therapy scope of practice. Janelle is not a sex therapist or a psychiatrist. If needed, an appropriate referral will be provided.

What is abdominal therapy?

The form of abdominal therapy that Janelle uses was developed by the work and teachings of Rosita Arvigo, NP. Abdominal therapy is offered as a supportive modality to enhance health and wellness, and is not meant as an entire approach to health care. If you have any serious medical conditions, please consult your health care provider first.

Abdominal therapists report that many common health care symptoms are alleviated by these techniques. Organ functions are supported and enhanced. Abdominal therapy may improve symptoms of the following conditions; painful or irregular menstrual cycles, PMS, scar tissue, displaced or prolapsed pelvic organs such as bladder or uterus, endometriosis, fertility challenges, menopausal symptoms, and digestive issues

What is reflexology?

Reflexology is an energetic and gentle touch healing modality focusing on the hands, feet and face to access the systems of the body, body structures and tissues to promote energetic balance, healing from within and relaxation. The client will be clothed throughout treatment.

What is reiki?

Reiki an energetic healing method using gentle touch on or close to the body with a focus on chakra clearing, balance and relaxation. Reiki can be performed on areas of restriction, disease or injury throughout the body. The client will be clothed throughout treatment.

What is pelvic floor dysfunction?

Pelvic muscle weakness, dysfunction, and pain is very common among both men and women and unfortunately, is not a very openly discussed topic. Please know that you are not alone and there is help! Pelvic floor therapy can improve or resolve your symptoms! Common pelvic floor issues may include ‘stress’ incontinence, meaning urine leakage with coughing, sneezing, lifting, jumping, etc. ‘Urge’ incontinence, meaning you have a strong urge and leak urine when making your way to the restroom, for example. Some may experience both. Many women experience pelvic organ prolapse or shifting of organs/tissue from their original location. There are also various types pelvic pain such as endometriosis, pelvic area scar tissue from C-section, other surgeries, episiotomy or tearing during child birth, nerve pain and pain with intercourse or sexual activity. The health of your pelvic floor muscles and tissues, the surrounding muscles that support this area, your emotional health, and digestion can make a big impact on your overall pelvic floor health and function. If I can't help you, ill refer you to someone who can.

What is Occupational Therapy (OT)?

OT’s help their clients find or restore meaningful activity, balance and satisfaction in life. An OT focuses on physical, social and emotional well-being. Every person is completely unique and OT’s use a holistic therapeutic approach to achieving health and wellness for each of their clients. An OT can help individuals of all ages engage in whatever matters most to them and meets their personal needs and level of function.

Perhaps you suffer from muscle tension, weakness and poor posture after spending so much time in less than ideal positions like driving, hunched over a desk, computer or phone, or caring for others. Maybe you are recovering from an injury, surgery or serious illness or you may be adapting to a ’new normal’ such as an amputation, mastectomy, or menopause, your OT can help you set goals, and provide strategies and treatments to achieve successful outcomes.

OT’s are experts at analyzing function, breaking down tasks to tease out the source of the problem, adapting and modifying tasks or activities and coming up with creative, client-centered solutions to help their clients achieve their goals.


Personal Service Appointments

Please note: All Wana Mama LLC services are provided on an out-of-pocket basis. Wana Mama does not currently accept any forms of health insurance. However, a receipt can be provided for your HAS or FSA reimbursement.


Group Sessions



In early 2015 Janelle Kloske delivered a presentation to a large group of employees at Brown and Caldwell regarding health and wellness both in the office and out. She discussed helpful topics such as proper nutrition, stretching techniques, correct office ergonomics, and how to balance stress through meditation. Her professional advice and calm demeanor allowed those in attendance to set up the proper building blocks to live a healthier lifestyle in the office and at home. I hope that one day we could see another one of her presentations, as they are invaluable. Anyone and everyone can benefit from her advice and guidance.

-Workplace Wellness Client; San Diego, California

Janelle and I became friends when she and I both lived on Guam. I watched her build her business from scratch and became a client of hers. At first, I went to Janelle for body work, but then chose to explore Reiki with her as my guide. I had not done energy healing prior and she was extremely knowledgeable and created a very safe environment for me to relax and channel the power of Reiki healing. I miss her greatly and if I were in San Diego, I would be still using her as my guide.

-Reiki Client; Hagåtña, Guam