MANY women struggle with...

Urinary leakage- When lifting, sneezing, coughing or laughing, bending down or having that "Gotta go!" urge
Pelvic organ prolapse - When an organ in the pelvis moves out of its original position, usually the bladder, uterus or rectum
Pelvic, back or abdominal pain - Scar tissue, muscle tension, muscle weakness, trauma, posture and how we breath can have an impact
Scar tissue - From episiotomy, tearing during delivery, C-cection, or any abdominal surgery can cause a variety of problems in the pelvic floor
Muscle weakness or tension - Poor breathing patterns, headaches, shoulder tension, poor posture, pain, increase urinary issues, digestive issues and painful intimacy
Painful or unsatisfactory intimacy - Difficulty with orgasm, painful tissue around vulva or painful penetration.
Menstruation or fertility challenges - Heavy, painful or irregular menstrual cycles, difficulty getting pregnant, pregnancy losses
Movement and daily routines - Overwhelmed by the "to do" list, not enough support, not enough movement for pleasure
Healing and processing - The experiences that we have throughout our lives have memory whether conscious or subconscious. Those memories and experiences can have an impact on the tissues and function of our physical body and our emotional well being
Stress resilience and life balance - Life can be overwhelming, its hard to juggle it all while caring for our own well being
Hormonal changes - Throughout the monthly cycle, peri menopause, menopause
My services are driven by your wisdom, your individual needs, your personal goals and supported by my therapeutic expertise. It's simple. I’m not the “fixer”, I’m the “facilitator.” We all thrive when given the chance to be heard and seen as well as the time and space to process our experiences. The body, mind and spirit are deeply connected. When one is off balance, the rest follow.

I have 15 yrs of clinical experience as an Occupational Therapist. I am trained in pelvic floor rehab and yoga for pelvic pain. I am a Certified Abdominal Therapist and Certified Sexuality Occupational Therapist. I also incorporate several other complimentary modalities that will enhance your healing and therapeutic experience giving you long lasting results.

Janelle Kloske

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